Most simple way to be simple

I woke up in the morning and went for a jog. My tryst with the nature is very minimal, only time I enjoy the lush green surrounding (NITT is pretty much barren!!!!!!!!!!) is when I go home from trichy. So seeing how a cow goes about doing its chores can teach us a lot. Its hardly bothered about what the surrounding thinks of it. It goes about doing it work!! But I believe most of us dont loose our peace of mind thinking about how the people would react to our behaviour and actions.

What compelled me to write this is an interview in sify with the Roman Magsaysay award winner Deep Joshi. When he had completed his graduation, though being the toper of his batch, studying in best of the institutions, (Masters in MIT!!!!!!) he settled for a non-glamorous teaching job in a research institution. His greatest achievement was to start a NGO (PRADAN) and devote his entire life to the upliftment of the poor and the needy.

So getting back to the basic question of  what helps a living thing so trivial and paradoxically powerful like a human being become successful in his own right? Can someone crib that deep was not succesful as he could not afford palatial extravagance? SO one’s own perspective determines what success or failure is! But unlike our good friend cow, we tend to forget what our perspective and need is, anxious to sate the hackneyed perception of people around us.

To do what you love to is a virtue. A life insurance ad puts it very nicely. You think about your parents in the ur first 20 years, then about ur spouse and  children and its around 60+ when a person is actually  free to do what he wants, but by then his body fails to respond to him.  But then we cant take them outta our life also. So getting a fine balance between satisfaction and responsibility is very important. Our education system should aim at achieving this.

Doing simple things the right way gives you immense satisfaction, not vicarious. Again the simple things’ definition varies from person to person. For me learning to tie a Tie gave great satisfaction. This passage could be haphazard in construction but has the heart at the right place. It is a belief that as a person you mature a lot as time goes by. But according to me with age you lose the instinct to experiment and try to put in obsolete logic to petty situations. Youth is not in your physic but in your mind. I have seen very young people at 60 and old retards at 20.

Also simple belief that you can do things irrespective of circumstances and not worrying about failure can make a big difference. Its my personal experience. In the past 2 weeks I have learnt a lot. I went thru two ordeals one very well prepared, but had a lingering doubt in my mind about myself and was planning for failure. Second with minimal preparation, but confident, wanting savour the moment and jus enjoy. The difference in approach made an immense difference. I could hardly believe that I had talents in me that I never knew.  Many say best in you comes out when you have nothing to lose. Odds could be stacked against you, you could be clouded with fear. If you are self confident, and be true to your heart, you can achieve anything and everything. I need not quote many examples for this.

Then, coming to things like competition and peer pressure, the only person you need to compete with is you. A classroom/society is a cocktail of versatile people each one with a unique skill that he/she could or couldn have realised. Competing with others would give you false apprehension or satisfaction. Competing with yourself gives you a benchmark that you are sure to meet and with a bit more effort  emulate.

And finally dont pollute your mind reading too much and pondering about what i have written… I am a jobless idiot writing to kill time. Life s ter to live and just enjoy it… 🙂


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