The more I read “ Atlas Shrugged” the more I tend to connect my more with objectivism and am very skeptic wat about a person would and could achieve with such an approach. Because its something that helps become successful at the cost of being a success. I went to the temple the temple the other day and was involuntarily attracted by the cultural program there and I ended up spending around 2-3 hours there. I could have worked on project, or by hearted a few more words for my GRE exam, obviously I would achieved something by such an action. But after those 2 hrs I had a satisfaction which I cant describe with words.

So here comes the greatest predicament, IS OBJECTIVISM THE SOLUTION TO ALL PROBLEMS FACED BY HUMANS OR IS IT THE ROOT CAUSE? So I sit down and wanna deceide what my objective is? What do I want? John’s abs? Or SRK’s charm? Or Obama’s power? Or branson’s gals? Or Kidambi’s GPA? Or Chef Gaustau’s apitite? Or illayraja sir’s voice? Or a 1500+ score in GRE or 100 percentile in CAT? Or Gate’s money? Or a wife as beautiful as ash? Or an admit in MIT?Or ……………………………….. ??????? What do I need? Man I need all of those!!!!!!!!!!

So if a succesful power person turns out to be a selfis brat or a the world’s richest person is a doyen of self centeredness will every one hate one?

What the hell!!!!!!!



  1. 1
    toolweb Says:

    They will love them for that or atleast learn to 😐
    1500+ ei? 🙂

  2. 3
    Robert Taylor Says:

    How could Objectivism be the root of a problem when it is practiced by so few people at this point? Rational self-interest simple means you have to take care of YOUR values first and foremost. If your values include helping those you truly love, then that would be in your self-interest…no rocket science here!!!! Altruism is the true culprit in today’s world and it’s destroying the world.

    • 4
      Sriram Ragav Says:

      hey thats my dilemma… whether it could be the solution?? thats wat i am trying to come in terms with…

    • 5
      Sriram Ragav Says:

      but i dont agree that altruism is ruining today’s world… if the corporates had been socially responsible (CSR is the least touched elective in any management institution. ) this recession could have avoided. Its because of the profit driven motives, they tend to become aggressive in their pursuits. I think as people evolve and i think they will keep evolving a mix of all the traits would make this world a better place.

      A true altruist in this present scenario is very rare as some amount of selfish ness is omnipresent every strand of our action.

  3. 6
    Robert Taylor Says:

    Geez, altruism is the problem? It is on my planet. “I’m my brother’s keeper” is the mantra we all live under whether tacit or expressed literally.
    “Corporates” did NOT cause the problem. They followed the policies and regulations of their “know-it-all” government(s). Two big problems we live with:
    *Central Banks that keep interest rates articially low that send false signals throughout the economy and misallocate investments. Interest rates are merely a “product”…they should be a result of supply/demand signals from depositors on one end and borrowers/investors on the other;
    *Starting with Carter and continuing through the Bush’s and Clinton’s and aided and abetted by the Barney Frank’s and Christopher Dodd’s in Congress, the government in effect mandated that lenders originate bad, sub-par loans to people that had no business getting a mortgage at that point in their lives. Everything from no-money down loans to teaser loans (i.e. two or three years of an articially low FIXED interest rate followed by the loan converting to a variable rate A.R.M. loan) were the instruments of causation. I should know, I was in the title business then and closed many of these ridiculous loans where traditional underwriting standards were dropped for POLITICAL purposes.

    These millions of loans were then sold to the secondary market (FNMA & FDMC and others), who then sold them to different groups like pension funds, hedge funds, derivatives where they either had already been securitized or became securitized, and the chain of events from that point of time was inevitable. A house of cards with a foundation of quick sand….just waiting for all those millions of loans to default because they had been made to unqualified borrowers.

    It’s the best example of why economy & state should be separated (keep politics out of business) just as we have the separation of church & state.

    Robert Taylor/Horseshoe Bay, TX

    • 7
      Sriram Ragav Says:

      Dude, we both come from a socio-economic scenario that are as similar as chalk and cheese. I am from india, where 90 % of the wealth is distributed among 15% of the population. There are 260 million people earning less than a dollar a day. We have 21 recognized national laguagesand over 500 dialects. We have 6 major religions and countless sub sects in each one of them. The division based on religion, caste and creed also has an effect in the economic state of the people. Now tell if the economy is not controlled by state what would happen to the rest 85% our 116 crore population? As I said people and government alike should learn to evolve as time progresses. Probably in US what you said is very viable and the need of the hour. But not in a country like mine.

      Indian economy is relatively stable because it has been centrally monitored by a “RESERVE BANK” and our economy holds a brilliant example for economy state cooperation. In spite of its short comings I will call our economy a model one for all developing nations.

      P.S. your comments are great and has really pumped me to write alot in my blog. And your explanation in ur second comment is awesome. Hats off. Do you have your own blog? Thank you very much.

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