My days in Pune

I spent the last couple of months in pune. I am happy to have fond memories about this place. The glowing tribute should go to pune’s greenary which they are trying to maintain inspite of concrete afforestation at astronomical speeds. And the most i loath about the place is the municipal buses. Its like the drivers and conductors in the buses( that comes far and few in between) have pledged their hearts to some money lender.

One particular bad memory about pune was when a bus speed away not giving enough time for an old couple to board the bus in balewadi. I was unfortunate enough to travel in that bus and i can asure u the bus was only half full. Still that bloody driver only slowed the bus giving enough time for a young man to jump off the bus. And the worst part was none of the passengers (including me) tried to stop the bus as the couple were trying to board the bus. Prob next time i will try to act with bit more maturity.

Other than that the experiences i had in pune and bombay could cherished for a life time. And highlights of my visit was my first multiplex experience, comleting a novel in croswword with out paying for it, seeing the best of bombay, living in a co-ed hostel, getting new friends, seeing how iit gratutes work in aa efficient way in a cool atmosphere not caring about how much they are paid.. and the list is endless.

Some of my regets are not visiting Sir Aga khan palace, not travelling in a mumbai local, watching thoda pyar thoda magic in e-square (the worst of all- apt title would be thoda pyar no logic) and last but not least not talking to a single girl over the my two month stay in a co-ed hostel.

And today i am leaving pune oops rather tomorrow (as my train is at 0005 hrs 12th july) hoping to come back agin here some day in the future.

jai maharastra 😛


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