hi this my first post abt my fav football club.

OK, end of another disappointing season.. not that much as theo has made a good progress….. It pains to see that that flamster has left us after an incredible season… but all these happens…. u got to keep moving on…. and we do have song, gilbi(hopefully), denilson and diaby….. so we dont need a replacement….. and also good prospects like lansbury(made him a world class player in FM08), randall, vela, wilshere etc…..

So future s not that bleak. But if helb leaves it would be a big blow for us….. he s one player who really turned on this year. He was the only player in arsenal starting lin up who could take on defenders and dribble them out…… hopefully vela and theo can do that……..

And taking abt the future, we are being linked with every second attacking player and defender… surprised that not many goalkeepers are linked…. I have been an admirer of wenger’s tranfer policy…. Short and sweet… I remember last year when henry left, we were being linked with al strikers and he got dudu….. even the wildest of gossipers wouldn have guessed that.. he was tobe a great signing….. but……. i feel like crying for him… and this time hopefully rumours are true and we end up getting one of diego or nasri…. but who knows wenger might get an albanian kid and convert him to a world class player…. last year we had a good rep in the premier league team of the year….. but stillwe din win anything…… so for some instant results we need quality.. its been 3 years now……

Lookin into the last season there were 3 very crucial moments,

1)making walcott and denilson play in the indoor friendly game and losing them in the subsiquent matches.(wigan we lacked pace and walcot would have defnitly helped.)

2)Adebyor failing to pass the ball to bendtner against birmingam.

3)Almunia punching the ball out rather than allowing it to go out against liv that led to their first goal.

Other than this we hardly got a fair draw in refreeing decisions and back up players getting injured in the wrong times….To some extent, wenger’s improper rotation policy….. actually but for a good back up winger our squad was not that thin.

But future s bright…. and hope we get a good center back and a left winger…. my choice would be ashley young and wheater from the BPL…… and Zapata and nasri…… i would be happy if we get any two of these four…..and i pray wenger plays song in the def midio role…. Song and fab can emulate flam fab, viera-petit, viera-gilbi combinations…….

till then bye……


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    walcot Says:

    […] to see that that flamster has left us after an incredible season?? but all these happens??. u got t the magic of Churchill Weavers Louisville Courier-JournalChurchill Weavers, the historic […]

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